A Day in the Life at Tyler’s Camp

What does a day in the life of a camper at Tyler’s Camp look like?

Every day at Tyler’s Camp begins with a high-five. As students arrive, staff are eagerly awaiting them at the bus drop off, with music pounding from the speakers. Students get off the bus and immediately, staff greet them with a high five.

From the buses, students go to a morning meeting, a time for camp-wide reflection and celebration, where the camp community sets the tone for the day. Counselors give out awards to both campers and staff members for things they did the day before, which might include helping another camper out, being a supportive friend, or even trying something new.

The camp then participates in all-camp games: freeze tag, relays, and other activities get both the kids and staff hyped for the day ahead. All-camp games allow campers to mix and mingle, meet both campers and staff who are new to them. Before starting the day’s programming, staff encourages campers to try something new and to be bold enough to take some chances.

Throughout the day, campers transition between their program of study, Collab Courses, and SummerLabs. For their program of study, campers have the option of taking courses from across a range of athletics and the arts. Campers might practice and play field hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, flag football, tennis, wrestling, or engage in the arts, including dance, studio art, pottery, theatre, music, and more.

Throughout their four weeks at Tyler’s Camp, campers will rotate each week between arts and athletics programming. Every two weeks, campers put on performances, recitals and exhibits to showcase their talents and the projects they have worked on during the summer.

Collab Courses, developed in partnership with EXPLO, present opportunities for campers to practice critical thinking by conquering problems through a hands-on, iterative process. Campers build ziplines, pinball machines, simple machines of their own imagining, supported by a highly-qualified, well-trained staff that has worked with Explo and SummerCollab to execute courses with fidelity.

SummerLabs, developed in partnership with High Tech High and Coded by Kids, are STEM-centered courses of study in fields like robotics, engineering, and coding. With SummerLabs, campers get first-hand experience working with 21st-century technology. Rather than simply learning about these fields, they learn these skills through doing–they immerse themselves in the process, creating projects of their own design across STEM fields.

Around noon, campers will eat lunch and then participate in SummerCollab’s literacy programming, which will support key literacy competencies by engaging in a digital learning platform called Let’s Go Learn. Let’s Go Learn responds to directly to each student’s proficiencies, supporting them in areas they need to most reinforcement.

STRIVE: How You Lead Matters conducts youth leadership and sense of self-curriculum for one hour each day of the summer. STRIVE’s curriculum supports campers as they discover who they are, what their beliefs are, and what it means to be a good leader. STRIVE helps campers define their values, their character, and then supports campers as they begin to understand how to best relate that to other people. Through these exercises, campers build empathy and mindfulness at a crucial time in their development.

At the end of the day, campers board the busses and head back to their community centers, but not before getting high-fives from their counselors, who remind them to be kind, have fun, and to try it on or, in other words, take a chance.

Jan 17, 2020

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