Your Summer at Tyler’s Camp

This summer at Tyler’s Camp, kids will explore, make friends, grow and discover their new favorite place. They will join a community that is rooting for them from start to finish. Whether they are a jock, a gamer, an artist, a bookworm, or a combination of those or more, kids will have a place to thrive at Tyler’s Camp.

The Tyler's Camp Experience


At Tyler’s Camp, campers get to choose what their summer looks like. They can explore a range of interests from field hockey and lacrosse to drama and drumming. At the end of the summer, campers will celebrate all of their accomplishments with performances, exhibitions, expos, and more.


At Tylers Camp, your child will explore the full range of their interests.

They will choose from a wide variety of sports, arts, and hands-on tech courses.

Who they become this summer will be in their hands.


This year, Tyler’s Camp will host a new STEM-centered program called SummerLabs. Campers will get to explore 21st Century avenues in coding, engineering, robotics, and more. By the end of the summer, campers will not only have learned how to code or how to build a robot, but will have become experts in their fields!


We cannot even imagine the future our children will inhabit--but they can.

With help from our partners Explo and Microsoft, students at Tyler’s Camp will dream up and realize the shape of tomorrow’s world through first-hand experiences with 21st Century tech.

At Tyler's Camp we empower your child to imagine a new world, then build it


We believe in educating the whole student at Tyler’s Camp, which is why we have partnered with STRIVE: How You Lead Matters to provide social-emotional development courses throughout the summer. With STRIVE, campers will learn about mindfulness, strength and resilience, and gratitude through their immersive curriculum. Campers will learn about their relationships to each other and themselves during this crucial time of development.


At Tyler’s Camp, we support our campers as they begin to navigate a world that changes by the day.

Through our partnership with Strive, students at Tyler’s Camp will practice mindfulness, helping to foster leadership and emotional skills that will serve them well beyond the summer.

How will your child grow this summer?


Tyler’s Camp brings together diverse, robust and high quality community based partners who – together – amplify their collective ability to empower kids to challenge themselves at the arts, sports and hobbies they love. Partners include The Wilmington Ballet Academy, Anna Marie Dance Studios, Opera Delaware, Microsoft, Dual School, The Delaware Sports League, Wilmington Children’s Chorus, Hagley Museum, and engaging instructors bringing to life diverse sports, music, technology and arts opportunities for your child.


We believe that sports and arts foster discipline, creativity, and a growth mindset.

At Tylers Camp, we value your child's ability to explore new arts and sports that they may not have ever considered.

What will your child discover this summer at Tyler’s Camp?